The Venus Factor consists of breakthrough tips designed to help women lose weight easily. John Barban has stated that this fitness program can let women eat all the foods they love and can still lose weight. Female body’s ability to lose weight is dependent upon the hormone leptin. In contrast to men, women carry twice as much leptin as men. Thus, leptin activity in women are less responsive to burning body fat, also called the leptin resistance in women. Therefore, women start to build up fat in the standard problem areas such as hips and stomach. Upon dieting, leptin levels in women decrease to a much greater extent than man. Low levels of leptin are followed by decreased metabolic rate. This is the reason why women suffer from the yoyo effect rather easily than men. Not only this, such effect has a tendency to let the weight of some women stuck at certain point where there cannot lose any more weight, even if they should. As this plateau in a woman’s body is reached, she can exercise and diet as much as she wants, but she will not be able to lose any more of her weight. On the actual Venus Factor website there are many case studies and testimonials by real women who have tried the course. And if there is one common thread among them it is that they were finally able to find success by taking and following John's advice. hat Is The Venus Factor? The Venus Factor is a body transformation program for women. It’s special in a way that it doesn’t just show how to burn fat for women and stay healthy, but many more benefits. Its goal is to bring them an attractive The Venus Factor is a new female fat loss system created by John Barban, who promises to help women lose fat quickly.This program will provide women with profound knowledge that facilitates their fat burning. In fact, this is by no means a fad diet; it is not a restrictive and complicated system, either. Sufferers of terrible genetics, slow metabolism and a thyroid condition can adopt the strategies in the system to burn fat quickly so they will no longer have to rely on cardio workouts or pills. The creator received plenty of comments from customers regarding their success with The Venus Factor after launching the new system Over the past years John Barban has focused much of his time helping men get what he calls the ideal shape. Based off of science and specific proportions, Barban has been able to revolutionize the fitness industry for men. And now, with the release of his brand new workout for women, it's his turn to turn the tables and focus on helping women get lean and toned. The Venus Factor promises to help women where many other diet and workout programs have failed. "I've seen a lot of good workout programs for women in the past but The Venus Factor really seems to be the one. After really looking through the program and the workouts there is no doubt that John has done a lot of research and put in a lot of time on this one. I think the women are really going to love it." - Kevin from